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Personal credit verification usually refers to the verification of the identity and personal credit of legal representatives, shareholders or natural persons who are engaged in partnerships, competition and trading relationships with businesses or publicly funded organizations.
Investigators need to be creative. Innovations in theories and methods are what make business investigation meaningful and viable. With society and technology ever progressing, investigation and its counter-measures come into greater conflict. In this context, investigation depends on its creativity for further development as a business and investigators' creativity is indispensible.
Fraudulence is not uncommon in both small and big companies. It is inevitable because they try to balance rigorous management and high work efficiency. Fraudulence needs to be brought under control as part of a company's risk management system.
Investigation agencies can, in an objective manner, assess, investigate and design solutions which are not affected by emotional factors. This is useful for obtaining a clear understanding of the situations and finding solutions that address the fundamental needs of their clients.
Non-competition-related issues are more about corporate management and risk control. If a few employees leave, it can be considered their personal choices. However, if a large number of employees leave, it indicates that serious problems happen to corporate management. The employer will inevitably suffer some "shocks" if no risk control measures have been put in place. The employer should coordinate non-competition agreements, corporate management and risk control to prevent employee turnover and head-hunting by its competitors from causing serious problems.
In the real world, the complexity and characteristics of asset tracking vary from one company to another, depending on their situations. If desired outcomes are to be achieved, sound early assessment and experienced investigation experts are necessary.
The risks of your partners are also yours.