Investigation into patent infringement, counterfeits

Intellectual property rights (IPR) stand at the core of a company's competitiveness. However, China's weak administrative protection of patent rights, trademarks and other IPRs allows millions of yuan of profits to be earned by counterfeiters and sellers of counterfeits. We have maintained long-term ties with the government to protect the commercial interests of our clients and stop counterfeiters and sellers of counterfeits from infringing of IPRs. We have helped many world-leading companies and their authorized agencies to fight counterfeiting in tiers one and two cities in the Chinese mainland, regularly monitor the market, identify, fight and curb IPR infringements by counterfeiters and sellers of counterfeits, and keep market competition in good order.

TBI helps clients solve practical issues in a fast, efficient manner, particularly major and complex IPR cases by leveraging its business investigation expertise.

TBI's IPR experts can help parties and their lawyers prepare for legal actions when abuses, infringements or embezzlements happen, or the infringement of patents or copyrights or the leakage of trade secrets take place. We provide full litigation support, e.g. assistance with disclosures of facts and case evaluation, harm analysis, assessment of opposing experts' ideas, and testimonies under oath, statements during trials and testimonies by experts and witnesses.

TBI's IPR-related services involve different industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, software technology, consumer goods, and entertainment. Our analysis, based on our understanding of laws, differentiates types of disputes and jurisdiction areas and takes advantage of our diversified experience and expertise.