Litigation screening

Evidence is doubtless of great significance, as reflected in the statement that “litigations are about evidence”. Key decisions of many companies and individuals are based on basic facts. Evidence that attests to “basic facts” plays a decisive role in decision making. TBI can gather evidence in the forms of documents, physical materials, audio/video materials, and others that can meet the needs of organizations and individuals.

Whether you are in the process of negotiation or in court, you need more than data. You can depend on TBI to obtain:

  • acceptable evidence from impartial third parties
  • relevant documents
  • creditable expertise
  • verifiable accurate evidence
  • due diligence reports

Once involved in litigation, clients can turn to TBI for help with reasonable background analysis, consulting services, and comprehensive investigation solutions to assist them in assessing and studying the cases regardless of their scope and size. Our business intelligence investigator and support teams are ready to help you out with different levels of litigation.

Major litigation entails major strategic readiness – investigate and locate documentary evidence, identify potential witnesses, examine the witnesses on your side and your opponents' side (including impeachment evidence) and expert testimonies.

Because our case managers have the invaluable experience of working closely with lawyers and industry-leading law firms, we can work with trial lawyers efficiently and seamlessly in designing and implementing litigation strategies.

TBI's professionals form a team of case managers and on-site investigators. When involved in major litigation efforts, they form a very competent team to:

TBI’s professional teams consist of case managers and site investigators. In major commercial litigation cases, they form a talented team to:

devise fact finding strategies

  • verify, examine and interview potential witnesses
  • screen the intelligence and witnesses of opposing litigants
  • trace assets and break down accounting problems
  • analyze financial records and build damage models
  • assess the company and other assets
  • organize random evidence, emails and electronic spreadsheets and content analysis evidence
  • demonstrate the capacity of presenting evidence
  • assist in documents management and identification process

Our employees are all among the best in the industry in terms of capacity, honesty and observation of professional ethics. You can count on them for keeping your secrets. Our employees understand that documents and videos obtained by any of our highly trained investigators can serve as evidence for you in your litigation. Our products can meet the needs of companies and clients that observe strict law, morals and ethical standards. All detailed facts found through our screening can stand the tests of your counseling teams, lawyers, and judges.

We provide key services to assist in your litigation. Our screening work includes surveillance, location of witnesses, accident scene photos, interviews, public information, comprehensive clinical examination and asset reporting.