Insurance fraud

It's estimated that insurance fraud costs more than US$ 150 billion a year. However, most companies do not know to identify and prevent insurance fraud or they just rely on insurers for such identification and prevention. Compared to those companies and insurers that invest in screening, you will have to spend four times the amount of money they spend in investigating and dealing with insurance fraud. Insurance fraud adversely affects media coverage and subsequently shareholders before encroaching on the image that dedicated employees have about the company.

The only way to determine the rationality of claims is to use a multi-faceted surveillance approach. We have proved that verification can be achieved in many ways if claims are false or exaggerated. Our extensive track record of anti-fraud and anti-spoofing shows that the initiation of injury statement, witness interviews, scene photos and surveillance of target people's everyday activities can determine the real reasons for the claims. Our detailed, accurate investigative report will provide a great deal of evidence for verifying the claims. Without such screening materials, you will lose time and resources when you have to make a decision. A wrongly chosen screening and surveillance service provider can incur more problems and unnecessary costs.

Prompt responses to warnings or early signs are the key to ensuring the security of savings. The sooner we look into a claim, the better it will turn out to be and the fewer times you will have to make in insurance pay-outs for false or exaggerated claims. Accordingly, royal employees will understand that you value their loyalty and will work more diligently to achieve the high standards you set. It entails some costs to look into or prevent problematic claims, which is only a fraction of the cost that would be incurred if an unreasonable claim is accepted.